Sir Ernest Shackleton, the great Antarctic explorer, resonates with executives in today’s business world. His people-centered approach to leadership can be a guide for anyone in a position of authority. Some of today’s leaders are successfully applying Shackleton’s methods to their own work situations and teams.

"If you’re a leader, a fellow that other fellows look to, you’ve got to keep going.” - Shackleton

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton led twenty-seven men, for almost two years, through a harrowing fight for their lives after the wreck of their Antarctic vessel, Endurance, left them stranded on an ice floe twelve hundred miles from civilization. However, every man survived and every man ascribed it to Shackleton's superb leadership. His efforts to keep alive, maintain spirits and ultimately save his 27 men against all odds has brought him the accolade "the greatest leader ever - bar none". His hazardous and terrifying open boat journey of 800 miles in the 22 foot, "James Caird", is called the greatest of all time.

The Shackleton story is a fascinating and practical case study researched, developed, presented and facilitated by Richard Coles. It is about leader who triumphed by putting people first and striving for the seemingly impossible. Twenty-eight ordinary-turned-extraordinary men, led by Shackleton's example, survived nearly two years of unimaginable hardship at the end of the Earth. It is an inspirational tale about unleashing strengths in individuals that they never knew they had in order to achieve goals.

This story of exploration and leadership provides insight into the extraordinary leadership skills of Sir Ernest Shackleton. It incorporates exercises, group and class discussions plus case studies on: Leadership, Team Building, Communication, Decision Making, Conflict resolution, Motivational Techniques and others as applicable.


At the conclusion of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the skills required to keep work teams together
  • Appreciate Shackleton's inspirational strategies for leadership
  • Gain overall understanding of how a leaders decision making can affect your team
  • Understand the value of communication skills in a leadership position

Some possible seminar Goals on Leadership

  • Path to Leadership
  • Set examples
  • Developing a Team into cohesive unit
  • Take care of yourself
  • Create an upbeat environment
  • Master conflict
  • See from different perspectives
  • Tenacious Creativity
  • Make work meaningful
  • Strive to get best from individuals
  • Drive change
  • Communicate - reinforce messages
  • Bold in Vision - careful in planning
  • Instill optimism
  • Leadership Challenges
  • Employee Values
  • Bringing Diverse Groups Together
  • Remaining Positive / Decisive
  • Crisis Management
  • Order to a Chaotic Environment
  • Working with Limited Resources


This multi-media, highly interactive, entertaining and appealing training course has been delivered by Richard Coles since 2001. It is said he is one of the first, if not the first to introduce this training. Permission has been obtained for historic film and pictures to be shown along with appropriate clips of a recent motion picture on the story. It has been run for business luncheon groups, teams, hotels, airlines, sales conferences, motivational events, management teams, CEO’s and Managers, and even MBA classes, etc. In a variety of timings, it provides a solid learning experience that will result in the application of real leadership skills in the work place.

The seminar focuses on highly practical applications of leadership skills ensuring that participants benefit immediately. Practical exercises, relevant case studies, lively presentations and discussions will be conducted throughout the workshop.

Course content

Stages of the ship “Endurance” Journey

  • The Path to Leadership
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Hiring an outstanding crew

Shackleton resonates with executives in today’s business world. His people-centered approach to leadership can be a guide for anyone in a position of authority. Being a leader means developing yourself. You need to be strong and resourceful in order to make the journey, as the destination is never actually reached. As you become a leader, you find resources in yourself you did not know you had. You work your way into the forefront of a new field. You become more yourself, because a leader’s influence comes from who you are, what you do, and the examples you set.

  • Creating a Spirit of camaraderie
  • Getting the best from each individual
  • Leading effectively in a crisis / crisis management

A leader inspires others, many diverse groups, in order to lead effectively in good and bad times. Building espirt de corps and leading by example in order to get the most from each individual and developing them at the same time. Leadership also develops oneself in areas of communication, understanding others, appreciating differences and gaining from them, developing rapport with your people and influencing others. Sir Ernest Shackleton led by example and used informal one-on -one talks to build a bond with his man. He inspired optimism, and at same time worked to keep spirits high in the team, especially in times of crisis.

  • Forming team for tough assignments
  • Overcoming obstacles to reach a goal
  • Leaving a legacy

Shackleton balanced talent and expertise in each team. He ensured all the groups were keeping pace. He was visible and vigilant. He kept sight of the big picture, and leaders need to look towards the destinations as well as paying attention to where they have been and where they are, to ensure all the group is keeping pace. He got the teams to help each other and built up the weakest links. Leaders must understand the system they are part of, to see beyond the obvious, the immediate situation and then sense how events connect to deeper patterns. Ultimately your leadership should have a lifelong impact of the people you work with.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams


Richard Coles

Training & Development Consultant, Marketer, Management Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker and Presenter

Richard (Rick) is called a "true internationalist", born in Toronto, Canada, and also raised in Chicago, Illinois and London, England. He subsequently has lived and worked in 10 countries. He most recently lived in Dubai and Muscat, Oman and is currently in Brisbane, Australia and Singapore, but works worldwide. Richard’s career has been valuably varied and he works hard to remain relevant in many areas. His career is grounded in commercial areas that evolved unexpectedly but successfully into training and development. Rick says “I made many, many sales calls and completed hundreds of training events and presentations in over 55 countries, and each one taught me something I can bring to my training”.

Richard has commercial career experience with companies such as Qantas Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Dubai Petroleum Company and Emirates Airlines. During a rich career, he has held challenging positions such as Sales Representative, District Sales Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Leadership Skills Training Manager and Assistant Director Leadership & Learning. Rick was transferred to Amsterdam in 1989 as Marketing & Sales Trainer for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. In 1997/8 he took a break to attend university in Australia, in order to extend his qualifications in training, development, consumer relations, leadership, marketing, and customer service issues. He says “you need to be versatile, relevant and credible today to meet many new challenges we face”.

Richard incorporates his valuable background into appropriate training of various levels in Leadership and Management subjects. He believes in bringing innovative and creative ideas to his training that engage and enthuse his audiences worldwide. His credibility in the subjects he focuses on is through actually experiencing them as an employee / manager during his career, and then translating this experience into successful delivery of presentations, workshops and seminars.

By being in touch with the world around him Richard develops current and timely analogies and 'themes' that his groups connect with quickly and use to accelerate and enhance their learning. He is touch with successful global companies’ headquarters, to assess their strategies and methods of business in order to keep himself relevant and up to date. Richard observes, “There are many reference points around us, and it is important to use them.” He often quotes the old eastern proverb, “I hear and forget, I see and remember, but I do and then understand."

His training is highly interactive. He believes in bringing CARE to his work. Comprehension and Application from the training brought back to the work place which can lead to Results Excellence to the companies he consults and trains for. In other words VALUE!


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