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Storytelling For Business Leaders
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Abhijit Bhaduri

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The Thirsty Crow

Do you remember the story of the thirsty crow? How old were you when you heard it? What emotion did you experience when you first heard it? You may not remember any of the details in the last hundred presentations you sat through, but you will remember the impact of a story you have heard years back. This is why iconic leaders are able to inspire their teams, investors and consumers alike. Just look at what happens when alumni meet. they all exchange stories about the gruelling study schedule, the unreasonable Profs and their quirks; the salacious gossip about their colleagues. Human beings are storytellers. This is what we have done from the time we lived in caves and gathered around the fire.

Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit. It is a skill that can be taught and learned. In organizations there are enough stories traded at the watercooler or when the employees meet after office hours. When the trainees go back to their college after internship, they trade stories and these often will shape the organization’s brand far more than any corporate campaign ever can or will. A powerful story can inspire. That is why in every organizations look for speakers who can inspire their employees. Designing an onboarding program if done through stories can be a powerful way to explain the nuances of the company’s culture. Stories build pride in the workplace and can be a useful way of reinforcing the values the company stands for. When you hear stories that people share about the leaders, their quirks, their triumphs and responses to various scenarios, you build a bond with employees that is hard to match.

The organization’s culture is captured in the stories that people tell around the water cooler. Storytellers can make employee engagement drop or skyrocket. They are the influencers. The managers who have left indelible marks in our lives, the teachers who influenced our career choices were all great storytellers. They inspired us. They remain our heroes.

The greatest leaders are the best storytellers. The most powerful leaders know how to tell stories. A few questions the workshop participants will explore:

  • Is every anecdote a story?
  • Why is every story not equally effective?
  • How are brands built through stories?
  • How are cultures shaped through stories?
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Leaders are ordinary people who have discovered the power to inspire through stories

Objective of the workshop

To understand the structure behind a story and to use that structure to craft stories from every day incidents at work. Turning information into stories through prompts.


About the speaker


  • Forbes describes him as “one of the most interesting Globalists”.
  • LinkedIn voted him as a must follow writer. More than half a million followers on LinkedIn and Twitter wait for his sketches and insights every day. SHRM describes him as an “influencer”.
  • SAP describes him as a “Digitalist” thought leader. He has led teams for Microsoft, Colgate and PepsiCo across 
different countries in the world. For seven years he was the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro, a $7-billion-dollar firm with more than 175,000 employees 
of more than 90 nationalities across 54 countries.

Books and Publications

  • The Digital Tsunami: David Rogers, faculty at Columbia Business School says, “If you haven’t rethought your approach to talent in the digital era, read this book and get started.”
  • Don’t Hire the Best: This best-seller explains how to hire talented leaders for the C-Suite. The American psychologist Robert Hogan says, “For those of you who believe in data based solutions to crucial organizational problems, this book is for you.
  • Written articles for Harvard Business Review (Ascend), Forbes and Wall Street Journal on themes of jobs, innovation, digital disruption and leadership.

Columns and Blogs

  • Advisor to the Executive Doctoral Program of Penn State University, US.
  • Monthly column for People Matters & Hindu Business Line.
  • Articles published by DDI, SHRM etc.

Advisory and Teaching

  • Advisor to the Executive Doctoral Program of erstwhile Wharton and currently the Graduate School of Education, Penn State University, US.
  • Advisor to Fortune 500 companies on leadership and strategic talent management. Advisor and coach to business leaders in US, Europe, and Asia Pacific
  • Taught doctoral students at Graduate School of Education at Penn State University, US.
  • Addressed students at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Taught at Executive Education program of Wharton. Addressed students of 
Duke and New York University’s Business School. Faculty for business leaders at executive education programs at IIM, Bangalore.


  • TEDx talk: What Makes Us Happy
  • Keynote Speaker at the Lift Conference, Geneva
  • Keynote Speaker at INK Conference, TiE and NASSCOM.
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Event Details

Pre-Workshop: Each participant will research examples of various story types. They will submit it ahead of the workshop.

Day 01

November 7, 2017 @ Bangalore

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Workshop Details

The day-long hands-on workshop lets participants experience the power of stories and then find stories from their organization. Each participant will choose one story format that they most resonate with and build a story they will carry back.

1. “Founding” – A company’s beginning and early challenges.

2. “Family” – The role of the founding family.

3. “Conflict and struggle” – The challenges the brand overcame on the way to success.

4. “Triumph and tragedy” – The ups and downs of the firm and its people.

5. “Creation” – How the brand came to be, including innovative problem solving and a passion for its products.

6. “History” – The role the brand and its founders played in the past.

7. “Community” – The brand’s influence on its community.

8. “Place” – The link between the brand and its physical location.

9. “Consumers” – Stories that originate with the brand user.

10. “Product” and “service” – The saga of the merchandise or service itself.

Introductions - My Story

Networking Break

Story Principles

Networking and Lunch

Crafting stories

Networking Break

Tell your story

Next step

Single Nomination

INR 35000 per participant plus taxes

Terms & conditions

  • Payment must be received before the date of the workshop. Incase of group Nominations a Purchase Order at the time of registration is acceptable.
  • The Payment against PO must be received within 07 days from the date of receiving the Invoice.
  • The workshop fees covers all training materials, lunch and refreshments.
  • Accommodation is not included in the workshop fee.
  • Service tax GST @ 18% is payable on all training courses held in India.
  • Transfers – If a delegate wishes to transfer to a later event, within 20 days of the original event date, there will be an administrative charge of 25% of the standard event fees(regardless of any discounts given). If transfers are made within 05 working days of the original event date, 50% of the standard event fees (regardless of any discounts given) will be charged.
  • Cancellations – If a registration is cancelled within 30 working days or if the delegate fails to attend the event, the full event fee is due immediately. If a booking is cancelled more than 30 working days, before the event, an administrative fee of 10%(of the full standard workshop rate) will be charged.
  • Substitutions – There will be no charge if a substitute person from your organization wishes to replace the original delegate on the same event.Please inform our ofice of any change to the original booking via
  • All transfers, cancellations or substitutions must be confirmed in writing.
  • The Management reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone the training events without prior notice.
  • The Management reserves the right to cancel and/or postpone the training venue with out prior notice, the conirmed participants would be duly informed.

Day 02

November 04, 2017

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Complimentary Coaching and Practice Session

The participants will get together ten days after the workshop to reflect on their experience of implementing the storytelling skills. This is a complimentary two-hour group coaching and practice session on the stories they crafted at the workplace.

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Workshop fees : INR 35000 per participants plus taxes

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