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If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level...this workshop will bring you there!


Where do they acquire such talent? Where does the power and the confidence come from. It just cannot be in the position that they are in.

When CEOs speak they integrate a lot of wisdom, structure, clarity and preciseness not just of words but of awareness, presence and projec-tion. These subtle and sublime skills have now been captured as a science and can be transferred to many aspiring leaders and CEOs. In this extremely powerful workshop,

Raju Mandhyan will expose the science and secrets behind FIVE specialty speeches usually employed by leaders and successful CEOs. "Excellent Speeches are one thing but when CEO speaks, people don't just applaud they get up and take action."

Learning Objectives

1. Speak without notes and prompters
2. Connect with all audiences instantly.
3. Engage them with light humor and discreet interaction.
4. Modulate voice and gestures to churn up emotions.
5. Structure powerfully for impact and total influence.
6. Monitor and manage audience reactions precisely.
7. Leave them enthralled, and inspired to take action.

All concepts are converted to learning activities and processed interactively. Thus, 20% lecture, 30% small group and 50% one-on-one coaching.


There is a certain charm, a certain charisma about how leaders and successful CEOs speak. Where do they acquire such talent? Where do the power and the confidence come from? It just cannot be in the position that they are in.

Who Should Attend

Senior managers, heads of department and businesses. All those who have a substantial amount of speaking expertise but want to learn how to move and motivate crowds.

Program Content :

Insights on Quick Rapport Building using NLP .
Creating powerful presence and powerful openings.
Ruling the Stage.
Speaking extempore and maximizing on aids and amplifica-tions.
Prepare & Structure the Content.
Ideas, Arguments, Examples tightly wrapped up in light hu-mor and agile transitions.

Five Structural Examples of Specialty Speeches: 

A Statement to the Press and Press Forum.
An After Dinner Toast and Speech.
A State of the Business Address.

Speaking to Inspire and Motivate.

Charming Cameras and Virtual Audiences.
Managing Forums and Questions.
Forming precise, polite and proper answers.
Practicing tact and diplomacy across cultures.



Raju's background is engineering, investment sales and international trade. He's widely traveled and has done business development work in multiple countries and cultures. This exposure is backed up by his education in engineering, macro-economic and educational psychologies. Over the years he has trained, coached and made keynote presentations in the areas of sales, negotiation skills, diversity, creativity & innovation, business strategy and authentic leadership. He substantiates his concepts with research from the neurosciences and tackles actual cases and best practices from the business world.

Author, Coach and Facilitator, Raju Mandhyan has been a change and a development consultant for nearly a decade now. His work has impacted for profit and several nonprofit organizations in the past few years. He has worked with several manufacturing, services, educational and retail businesses in the Philippines and Asia. He is an American Management Association certified Trainer, a Buzan Licensed Instructor, and a Professional Life Coach. He has been trained in Arbinger Institute's Leadership and Self-Deception, and multiple modal ities for human capital development like NeuroLinguistic Programming and Whole-Brain thinking. He has lived and grown in three cultures--Indian, American, and Filipino. Currently, he lives in the Philippines and is the former President of the Association of Appreciative Inquiry of the Philippines. Currently, he also hosts a value adding, diversity-bridging talk show called ExPat Insights based on the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy.

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