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SCOTWORK (n) negotiation


The Scotwork Advancing Negotiation Skills course is the ultimate in negotiation skills development. It provides participants with the core skills they need to negotiate confidently in a professional, ethical and competent manner.

If you have a substantial amount of experience and need to discover new techniques and take your speaking career and style to the next level...this workshop will bring you there!


The Scotwork 8-Step Approach©
You’ll learn both the theory and practice. The unique Scotwork method is based upon an understanding that all negotiations have an underlying structure. We call this the 8-Step Approach©. With our unique Case Play method, participants are actively involved in realistic negotiating exercises. Cases are selected to replicate real life issues and are combined with a series of engaging 45-minute lectures.  

Learning Objectives

In a typical half-day module, participants take part in team preparation and team negotiation, followed by a video replay to evaluate performance.
Experience five opportunities to learn:
• From the lecture
• By preparing to negotiate
• By watching others negotiate
• By negotiating
• From video analysis and expert coaching
The course also provides a group discussion session. This session is vital because that is when problems, di!culties and issues can be raised and debated. It is also when our expert and engaging tutors will provide individual negotiation advice.

Who Should Attend?
This course is appropriate for anyone who has authority to negotiate or vary the terms of any arrangement; indeed any detail on price, timing, priority, specification or employment can benefit. Our industry experience and training covers all sectors of commerce, industry and corporate negotiation. 


Maximum Return on your Investment

How can we be so sure? Because we run an ongoing survey of participants and managers. Average ROI within the first three months is nearly ten times the course fee.
It consistently reveals:
• 96% of participants reported improved negotiating performance
• 98% of managers say that the training investment was worthwhile
• 71% report more satisfying negotiations plus an improved level of confidence
• 99% would recommend the course
• 51% say the benefit increases over time
Unlike many training courses, the benefits of the Scotwork course increase over time.


Scotwork (n) negotiation


2 Days of Intensive Training

Over 100 powerful, practical and e"ective teaching points covering:

• Negotiate your way out of conflict
• Consider the five major issues in preparation
• Use active listening techniques to pick up signals
• Use constructive questioning
• Make, pitch and respond to proposals
• Re-package deals without spending any more
• Assess concessions and identify priorities
• E"ectively trade and bargain
• Improve recognition and use of closing opportunities
• Handle agreement and implementation stages
• Make and respond to multiple-pointed claims
• Defuse aggression and confrontation
• Handle deadlocks
• Use team negotiating skills
• Respond to common negotiating tactics
• Build partnership relationships with clients or suppliers
• Learn the secrets of win/win deals

A Typical Scotwork Timetable

Our course will run over one evening plus 2½ days.
This duration and intensity gives plenty of practice applying new skills. We’ve found it the best way
to deliver lasting change.

Client Engagement Process

• Engage as a trusted partner that delivers significant and tangible value
• Understand client needs & challenges. Communicate across business & functional stakeholders for deeper understanding
• Clarify client expectations. Take ownership and exceed them, consistently
• A journey together – not a one-off event

Pre-course process

• Focus on understanding client’s business, the issues and challenges faced
• Meet/speak to a wider audience for a deeper understanding of the business and issues
• Understand the current business process – how issues are addressed, conflicts resolved and the impact/outcome
• Achieve clarity on stakeholder expectations and deliverables

Course delivery process

• It’s a learning course, not a teaching course
− 15% lecture, 85% practice
− Focus is on participant issues
• We identify best practice
− In different business situations
− Outside their business context
• They practice skills, we critique performance
− Live negotiations – all video recorded & replayed
• We suggest improvements & provide advice
− They take away learning points

Post - course process 

• Focus is on embedding the learning & delivering tangible value/impact
• Participants come with real–life negotiating
• Leave with an action plan based on Scotwork concepts & tutor advice
• Hot-line support/face to face at end of 4 week/8 week/12 weeks on projects & refresh learnings
• 12 week ROI assessment globally administered

Engagement models

Negotiation Skills Training
− Industry gold standard
− Audience – experienced, negotiating competency key job requirement
− 3 day program – 12 participants/2 tutors or 6 participants/1 tutor
− Robust follow-through, compelling ROI
− Fixed & Outcome based Pricing

Consultancy model (CM)
− Leaner version of ANS
− Addresses a specific need gap or business challenge
− Batch sizes of 6 or 12 or larger
− Fee linked to scope of the intervention


INR 1,00,000 per participant plus GST

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Course Provide an average 9.86 x ROI with in three months



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