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Appreciative Leadership

Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization.

Appreciative leadership is a modern vision on leadership practices, based on Appreciative Inquiry.

December , 2018

Mumbai - Bangalore - New Delhi

The Possibilites are Infinite...
...because presentations are an opportunity to change the world.


Leadership has always been a very broad and sometimes, ambiguous, a discipline. The quest for a perfect form and a perfect leader by individual and organization is and will always be a never-ending one. The bar on leadership performance is constantly raised in tandem with the fact that the growth never stops and this positive change must be positively visualized and achieved.

In this one-day insightful and highly interactive workshop dig your hands into applying the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry applied to personal and organizational leadership.

Learning Objectives

Explore multi-disciplinary principles, research and theory base of Appreciative Inquiry

Employ this intrinsically positive approach in ecologically congruent ways

Practice appreciative question construction, interviewing skills and creating provocative propositions

Gain leadership skills to create trust, develop a clear vision, and engage your team and organization towards greater congruence.

Increase your organization's capacity to manage change, improve processes, strengthen teams, transfer knowledge and foster collaboration.


Workshop is gently introspective, easy to understand and involves small group discussions and activities which highlight the principles and facilitate the practice of appreciation and inquisitiveness.

Who Should Attend : All manages and business heads who are in the position to lead and drive change in organizations and communities.

Program Content :

- Five Appreciative Leadership Essentials

- Appreciative Inquiry Insights and Cases  
- The Eight Guiding Principles  
- The Four D Cycle Model  
- The AI Protocol in Action



Raju's background is engineering, investment sales and international trade. He's widely traveled and has done business development work in multiple countries and cultures. This exposure is backed up by his education in engineering, macro-economic and educational psychologies. Over the years he has trained, coached and made keynote presentations in the areas of sales, negotiation skills, diversity, creativity & innovation, business strategy and authentic leadership. He substantiates his concepts with research from the neurosciences and tackles actual cases and best practices from the business world.

Author, Coach and Facilitator, Raju Mandhyan has been a change and a development consultant for nearly a decade now. His work has impacted for profit and several nonprofit organizations in the past few years. He has worked with several manufacturing, services, educational and retail businesses in the Philippines and Asia. He is an American Management Association certified Trainer, a Buzan Licensed Instructor, and a Professional Life Coach. He has been trained in Arbinger Institute's Leadership and Self-Deception, and multiple modal ities for human capital development like NeuroLinguistic Programming and Whole-Brain thinking. He has lived and grown in three cultures--Indian, American, and Filipino. Currently, he lives in the Philippines and is the former President of the Association of Appreciative Inquiry of the Philippines. Currently, he also hosts a value adding, diversity-bridging talk show called ExPat Insights based on the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy.

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